Training Coven

Traditional Witchcraft training Course and development group



 The Coven welcomes new members once a year. We are always interested to hear from sincere followers of the craft. In the first instance those new to us will follow the traditional 13 moons  integrating into the group. They will become a part of a close knit magical group working and practising together, and will also be invited to participate in most of the coven’s  rituals. After the first year they will be eligible to apply to join the main coven. 

We  stress the importance of connecting with nature around us, with local deities and spirits of the land and how to link to that flow of life, to the tides of life and to the that vast web that connects us all and will nearly always practice outside, in the woods. All this is linked to the turning of the year and the elements. We can only do this by sharing our experiences and encouraging the those new to us to develop their own magic and connect with it in the way of our group.

We will introduce you to the basics of witchcraft and, as we will also be working towards you being a member of the coven, we will also be introducing you to our ways.  We are assuming that if you are interested in joining us you want to work in a group situation and part of our training is aimed at creating group energies between us all so be prepared to be open, honest and accepting of others. Everyone is also encouraged to practise alone and to share their experiences.  Our coven is a group of like minded people who aim to work with a group mind, in rapport with each other and who share their thoughts and feelings and development within the craft.  Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

We usually meet once a week for rituals, social events, discussions or for our development circle.

Please note:

  • We never accept anyone under 30years of age into our coven, our training or to any meetings or rituals and we will never enter into any correspondence with anyone under the age of 18.  
  • You will need to be located in our around our local area in the North West of the UK so you can travel easily to our meetings.
  • Acceptance into the training year does not automatically mean acceptance into the main coven.

For more details about how to join please e mail:

21 thoughts on “Training Coven

  1. I am interested in joining the blackthorne shadows group, i am new to witch craft and am eager to learn the craft. if poss, could you send me some more info,
    thank you

  2. Hi, do you have an upper age range for joining? I’m 54 yrs young and I’ve been involved in the craft most of my life but as a solitary following my own instincts rather than any traditional or wiccan ways. I would love to join in and learn the craft from another perspective. I would love to hear back from you

  3. Hi I’m 25 and live in greater Manchester. I am quite new to Wicca and so far been practicing solitary with the aid of lots of books and a free online course however the more i have learnt I now feel I would enjoy a coven environment and came across yourselves. I would appreciate some more info etc
    Many thanks

  4. Hi I’m Amanda and 37 years old. I’ve been practicing paganism and witchcraft for about 6 years. However my craft is very simple, instinctive and self-taught. Now I am looking for a coven group and feel this would be of much benefit, as I also want to tighten my discipline in the craft. After looking at your blog and website I like the sound of what you do and would like the chance to meet up with you. Here is my website which includes a contact for you also.
    Please could you give me any information regarding this
    Many thanks

  5. Hi sorry I just came here to check. I did not recieve any messages through my blog, strange, will have a look at that just in case something is playing up. I will pm you my email address in a a mo – think you can send pms through can’t you? Ok I will check my blog again. Sorry about that

  6. please may i have some more information about the training, ie how frequently how it is delivered etc??? many many thanks

  7. Hi I am interested in joining your group I feel I have a natural gift but am not entirely sure how to use it so need guidance,I have been practicing on my own for last year,thank you 🙂

  8. Merry meet
    Sorry to have to ask the awkward question
    But I was just wondering why you don’t accept anyone under the age of 25. I’m 22 I live in Buxton
    Derbyshire. I am struggling to find any local groups that share my interests and only have one friend who shares my passion for crystals and healing. I currently don’t know anyone who shares my passion for the moon spells rituals cosmology magick book of shadows etc and it’s sad because I would love new people. I’m a complete beginner and only recently started studying for the first degree in correllian studies but it’s an online e course and I feel I could learn so much more practically. Just wondering if you could point me in the direction of any groups that accept 22 year olds.

  9. Hello,

    I have been trying follow Wicca for quite a while now and haven’t really had any guidance. I would very much love to join this training program. Please could you email me some details as to how to get to you, what the procedure is next? I am based in Stockport.


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