Samhain 2011

Blackthorn celebrated the festival of Samhain in fine style as usual. We started with our second annual fancy dress party and celebration with the coven, the shadows group, invited guests and significant others

Thirteen witches, ghosts, dark fairies and zombies gathered around the fire to welcome the ancestors and unseen friends to our weekend.  The rest of the party joined us as we toasted the beloved dead and gathered around the fire to drink and chat looking forward to another interesting year with the coven.

 We held our  private  ritual deep in the darkest woods on Samhain night. We connected to the Dark Goddess and the Dark God as keeper of the underworld and were led through the veil and into the shadows…

We sat long after the witching hour protected in our sacred space enjoying the firelight, the wind through the trees, the owls and the wine reflecting on our experiences at the beginning of our favourite time of year.