About Elderthorn Coven

Elderthorn Coven is a North West based magical group which began life on 31st December 2009 using the power and energies of the blue moon available at that time. It is a working coven practising Traditional Witchcraft in Manchester, Tameside and Stockport, Cheshire

The main coven and founders come from a range of traditions and coven backgrounds including, Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry and Shamanism, all of whom were keen to practice their craft by getting back to basics, developing their connection with the earth, with deity with the ancestors and nature and by being in the woods and wild places.

Regular rituals are held at Sabbats and esbats in addition to weekly coven meetings and a development circle. Rituals are generally held outdoors, at night, in woodland in order to embrace the powers of the natural world and the elements. The festivals take place on the actual date on which they fall, these being celebratory rituals following our interpretation of the mythos of the turning of the year. Esbats are used as times for magical working such as spell crafting, healing or devotional rituals and take place at the full, new or dark moon as appropriate.

The Elderthorn tradition is an instinctive and experiential way of witchcraft which stresses the importance of connecting with local natural sites, with deities of our land and spirits of the earth and how to link to that flow of life, to the tides of life and to the that vast web of connections. All is linked to the turning of the year, the elements and to the development of a group mind to empower rituals and magical workings.

Coven members come from a wide area around the North West UK covering Cheshire, Tameside, Manchester and Derbyshire and from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.

77 thoughts on “About Elderthorn Coven

  1. This group looks very interesting and I’m interested in the training. Will you send me an application form please. Thanks, Carla from Sale

  2. Hi,

    My name is Sally Leibovici and I am looking to do a radio package on witchcraft for my Universty project. I am looking to interview someone who practices the craft. I was inspired t do this by the recent events that happened in Wales regarding the cult that molested children. I would like to talk to someone that would give me an insight on these, if this is what witchcraft is all about…or is it just a secluded happening. I believe that people might have wrong opinions regarding people who practice magic and want to get some more insight on what it truly means etc. I would love to hear from you. I have also contacted other local groups yet no one has gotten back to me and I am hoping that you might agree to talk to me,

    Have an amazing day,


    • Hi Sally,
      Thanks for your enquiry. We don’t do interviews as we have found from experience that we are usually misquoted and a spin is put on whatever we say! Also we like to keep ourselves to ourselves as much as possible and practise our craft in secret, we have found this is the best way for us.
      I’m sure you will find groups who will wilingly open up to you and wish you good luck with your article, x

  3. Hello, I’m 14, nearly 15, and i’m interested in witchcraft and the wiccan way. Am i too young to join your coven? Or do you accept anyone? x

    • Hi Gabbi, It’s good to see someone so young interested in the craft and I hope you continue to follow it up. I’m sorry but we don’t take anyone under the age of 25 into our group, you may find others that take over 18s. We have developed a way of joining the coven which takes quite a long time and requires a lot of commitment so, no, we do not accept anyone unless we are sure they are right for us and we are right for them.
      Good luck on your search x

  4. Hi
    I am very interested in learning more about The Craft. I have a little knowledge on Wicca. I have explored spirituality in the hope to find something other than the religion I was brough up in as its doctrine has never sat with what I believe is out there. I am a spiritual healer and reiki practitioner and have felt some of the magick that is out there through my practice and have been guided to wicca, which I feel is where my beliefs are. I would love to learn form experienced Wiccans like yourselves. Hope to hear from you soon xxx

    • Hi Anne-Marie,
      Thanks for contacting Blackthorn. As you can see from our blog we are not a Wiccan coven. We practise witchcraft in our own way and our path is more traditional than Wiccan, though there are obviously some similarities. If you contact us by e mail I can send you more details, we would need to know more about you before we met you. Our e mail is


      Look forward to hearing from you

  5. Hello, I am seeking to join the right group of people. I am 32 female and would like to further what I have already learnt. Please contact regarding the next steps. Thank you

  6. I am very intrested in learning about witchcraft
    If you could send me some information on where I should start that would be great.

    I live in failsworth, Manchester

    Thank you

  7. Hi I am very interested in learning more about Wicca, I would like to meet like minded people, I have been inter este d for a number of years and feel the time is right to take the next step, any info you could give is greatly appreciated x

      • Kirsty, As you can see from our blog we are not a Wiccan coven. We practise witchcraft in our own way and our path is more traditional than Wiccan, though there are obviously some similarities. If you contact us by e mail I can send you more details, we would need to know more about you before we met you. Our e mail is


  8. Hello, I have an enquiry regarding your age restriction, since the age of 16 I have been a solitary eclectic witch but wishing I could join a coven… The problem is I don’t own a car so travelling far regularly is not an option. Your coven is closest but I am 20, and I was just wondering the reason behind the high age restriction. If it is a matter of maturity I can assure you I am highly dedicated to everything I do and I don’t want to settle for a fluffy teen group… Four years and seven months is a long time to wait to be able to join such an established reputable coven.

    • Hi Tina, thanks for your message. I’m sorry but we never make any exceptions to our age restriction. One of the reasons is that the average age of the coven is well over 40 and it would be very hard to integrate a younger person into the group, both for them and for us.
      You don’t say where you live, so I can’t recommend any groups and I don’t know of any other practising covens in the area – that doesn’t mean there aren’t any of course as many of them prefer to stay hidden. I hope you find what you are looking for, if you send me a private e mail with some more details I could send you details some of the groups in the area, Robyn x

  9. hi i have a deep interest in officially becoming a witch or a warlock, i have always had a feeling or sense of something within me needing to be nurterd…my soul is and always has been with nature , spirit realm and outside the herd.
    your coven is close and caught my attention , is there a process/initiation to join ?
    is there a way to determine wether i am white or black ? i feel torn between the two although i feel my nature is dark.

    • Hi Raphael,
      We don’t make anyone an ‘official’ witch or warlock, sorry. Neither do we use the term ‘warlock’, a male witch is just that, a male witch.
      As far as we are concerned we don’t use black and white or dark and light, we work with nature which has aspects of both.
      There is a long process involved before anyone joins the group and we would need to know a lot more about you.

      • hi thank you for answering to my curiosity , especially the point about nature and the balance of both light and dark .
        i later learnt after messaging you the true meaning of the word warlock.
        how would i go about the group getting to know more about me ?

  10. Hi woundering how i can meet uo or join a coven. Would be great to get in touch. Based in manchester.

  11. Hi I am interested in learning more and exploring my connection to the earth and seasons and speak to like minded people

  12. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you might be able to help me? My name is Emma and I am working on a project for the History channel where we are looking to feature a rang of antique items, one of the areas we would love to find out more about is the history of witchcraft. I know from previous posts you have mentioned you don’t do interviews and like to stay private, I just wondered if you might be able to point me in the right directions of anyone else I could contact who might be able to help?

    If you could let me know that would be great please email on emma@Castinghouse.co.uk.



  13. Hello
    I would like to begin my journey with the Craft of magic. I am 27 which i know Maybe late to start. However i am now in the right head space for it. I would like to join a coven to learn, be tought and around others who can be free to be their true self.
    I łook forward to hearing from you.


    Ps i live in eccles

  14. Hi very interested in this way of life nature the elements and a sense of being at one with the earth and learning how to achieve this.
    I have no experience of any of this other than what I have read over the last couple of years and feel now is the time to explore , and would like details on the next steps
    Thanks dave

  15. Hi. Iv recently started interest in wicca and witchcraft but my main reason for this comment is i have a friend on facebook who is having difficulty with a dark spirit attatched to him. It has been going on for 2years now. And affects him every day. Hes tried quite a few things to banish it but nothing works. He was advised to seek help from a high priestess from a coven..is that anything you could help with at all? He lives in derby. Thank you x

  16. Hello,

    I read that you don’t take anyone in under the age of 25, and I happen to be 23. So that might be a problem for me. I would like to try and persuade you all otherwise though. If I do happen to fail, maybe I could persuade at least one of you to take the time to meet me, and I shall explain why.

    I could start from the very beginning but I don’t see that there is any need to. So I shall start with my most recent experiences. A couple of months ago, I had an experience with a plant, I would describe it as a shamanic experience. A healing method arose in my mind that I had heard previously, that being Plant Spirit Healing. So that night I had to look for a book on it and got a full body resonation to a particular one. A couple of weeks after I set off to Thailand. On a Yoga Retreat I attended there was a small library. I was looking through the volumes and one book seriously got my attention, which was called ‘The Spiral Dance’ by Starhawk. Unfortunately I didn’t get far that into it because I had to hand it back in, and I am now waiting patiently for my own copy to arrive in the post. I’ve had many more experiences, all related to nature and the universe, all experiences I would much prefer to speak about in person, as I get so much more from face to face contact.

    I am being lead towards Shamanism and Witchcraft. I would love the opportunity to be apart of a coven. However, I am still studying at University, so I can see how this might be a problem as I also read that you only take on people who can be really devoted. I can assure you that I would be fully devoted in my heart, but I cannot say how much time I could give.

    Whatever the outcome is, I would be incredibly grateful if I got the chance to meet any of you. I would love nothing more but to hear of other’s experiences in person, and to learn. As I’m sure you all know, a lot of people don’t take very kindly to mystical experiences, so it would be lovely to meet people who do take to this kindly.


  17. Hi, I am intrested in training you offer and further development and guidance. I would appreciate details with your upcoming events, would love to meet you all.

  18. It is about to be the start of 2018. I am 36 & I am a solitary witch so far. I asked for something and later found this page online. You have my email from the form and I would be glad if I was to hear from you.

  19. Hello please could you send me more information about your practice. I am a member of the pagan federation and have considered myself a pagan for most of my life. I tend to do my own thing but it would be good to meet with other people who share my outlook on life. I did attend a moot once but I found it a little cliquey. Thank you. Diane

  20. Hi, I’m amanda and interested in joining your coven. I’m a new witch seeking guidance and support. I’m 38 and live in the Stockport area.
    Blessed Be.

  21. Hello ,
    I’ve been an unpractising Wiccan for some time but feel I need to develop more and meet more fellow Wiccans who understand me and me them, can you let me know more about the meetings and development in the Stockport Area please
    Shellie x

  22. I am interested in your path and society.
    I am still utilising the cabbala(tree of life chacras) and wishing to further my development within wicca and paganism.
    I have followed certain paths throughout my life and now wish to meet with like minds.
    Thank you for your time.
    I live in the tameside area (stalybridge).
    Paul Crompton.

  23. I am very interested in finding out more about you with a view to potentially joining.

    I have been interested in Wicca for a number of years and have considered starting my own coven.

    However, I am now working in Oldham (living in Cumbria) where I believe there may be more people of like mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Blessed be.

    07850 565 447

  24. I am extremely keen on studying Wiccan & joining a coven. Please could you advise me on whom to contact.
    Warm regards Michelle

  25. I would love to join your coven, I am new to Wicca and would love to learn from everybody willing to teach me . I’m doing a degree at present in Wicca using witch school first degree( just started) by Donald Lewis-highcorrell. I would love to enjoy your company please

  26. Hi am stuart and I’ve always wanted to learn witchcraft and I’ve asked people to teach me but no one will teach me

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to contact us.
      We’re not currently taking new witches into the coven, sorry.
      This may change in the future so keep an eye on our blog.
      It takes a long time to be integrated into a close knit coven and we take our responsibilities to new members very seriously.
      We would expect you to have several years of experience practising the craft before you could join us as we are not a teaching coven at the moment.
      Also, just to let you know, we never take anyone under the age of at least 25, the average age of the coven is 48!
      Best wishes,

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to contact us.
      We’re not currently taking new witches into the coven, sorry.
      This may change in the future so keep an eye on our blog.
      It takes a long time to be integrated into a close knit coven and we take our responsibilities to new members very seriously.
      We would expect you to have several years of experience practising the craft before you could join us as we are not a teaching coven at the moment.
      Also, just to let you know, we never take anyone under the age of at least 25, the average age of the coven is 48!
      Best wishes,

  27. Hi I’m new to this, I’ve just been introduced to this magical,mystical world where can i meet these wonderful people

  28. Hi im looking for somewhere to join but had no look . Could you help me out with any info .

    Thanks Damian

  29. I wish I was closer to you, this is just what I am looking for! I’m in North Yorkshire and looking to meet a like minded group… Wicca is far too structured for me and I am looking at more of a traditional path.
    I guess you never know what the future holds 🙂

  30. Hi I hope you are well and all those close to you..I have always had an interest in Wicca and have done spells before by myself but would really like to commit fully and learn more especially with a group of like minded people. I have always felt an affinity with nature and wildlife and the circle of life but would appreciate guidance and friendship on this journey please could you contact me on how I may join?

    Blessed be 🙂

  31. Hello, I have been a Pagan for most of my life, I am a member of the pagan federation and am looking to meet up with like minded people. I’ve never chosen a particular path but am drawn towards wicca. Could you tell me where you are based please? I live in Trafford.

  32. Hi I have been practicing Wicca magic for some time now .I would love to hear from some witches that have the same interests and also sharing knowledge with a coven

  33. I have an item that I wish to pass onto someone or a group that may be able to use it.
    I have in my possession a pendant that belonged to a witch of the Blackthorn Coven. It came into my possession many moons ago. It gives the wearer the gift of second sight amongst other things. I don’t use it as I have a natural gift and this pendant is way to strong for me and I get muddled when I wear it.
    It’s been sat in a box in a draw for a long time and I feel it needs to be given to someone who can use it properly. I don’t wish to recieve anything for it I just want it to go somewhere that It can be used properly and put to good use.
    Kind regards John K.

    • Hi John, Not sure what to make of this, don’t think anyone former members would have such a thing. If you are genuine, please email us and let us know who the former member is. it would also be interesting to kniw what country you are in. Thanks

  34. Hello. My name is Anne. I have read about witchcraft for over 15trs now. I have even practiced sine if the spells. I am aware of things like days on which to do spells. Different gem stones. I am also a firm believer in the law of attraction. I respect these is power in the elements of nature. I have communicated with Sharmans over the years. I would love to belong to a coven. To meet with like minded people like me. To learn and perhaps share if that’s possible.
    Please contact me. I would be very grateful.

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