Elderthorn Coven is a North West based magical group which began life on 31st December 2009 using the power and energies of the blue moon available at that time. It is a working coven practising Traditional Witchcraft in Manchester, Tameside and Stockport, Cheshire

The main coven and founders come from a range of traditions and coven backgrounds including, Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry and Shamanism, all of whom were keen to practice their craft by getting back to basics, developing their connection with the earth, with deity with the ancestors and nature and by being in the woods and wild places.

Regular rituals are held at Sabbats in addition to weekly coven meetings and a development circle. Rituals are generally held outdoors, at night, in woodland in order to embrace the powers of the natural world and the elements. The festivals are celebratory rituals following our interpretation of the mythos of the turning of the year. Other times are used as times for magical working such as spell crafting, healing or devotional rituals and take place at the full, new or dark moon as appropriate.

The Elderthorn tradition is an instinctive and experiential way of witchcraft which stresses the importance of connecting with local natural sites, with deities of our land and spirits of the earth and how to link to that flow of life, to the tides of life and to the that vast web of connections. All is linked to the turning of the year, the elements and to the development of a group mind to empower rituals and magical workings.

Coven members come from a wide area around the North West UK covering Cheshire, Tameside, Manchester and Derbyshire and from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.