Joining Elderthorn

We are currently open to applications from those with a genuine, sincere interest in following the craft.

We require all our members to be at least 30 years old – the average age of the group is around 50. You need to be prepared not just to study, read and contribute but also to live what you believe in and participate in Coven meetings on a regular basis.

Ours is a very active, hands-on coven and new members, if conscientious and dedicated, will be given the opportunity to attend some of our coven meetings, rituals, training sessions and workshops.

We always work outside usually at night, please be aware of this if you are thinking of applying to join.

You will also need to be located in and around our local area of Stockport, Tameside, Derbyshire and Manchester and have the means to travel easily in the evenings to coven meetings.

For an application form please contact us via: