Open Social Meet Up

The Witches of the North West group is holding an Open Social meet on Thursday 8th November 2012 at 8pm in the Fairfield Arms in Audenshaw.

All are welcome to come and share their Samhain experiences and chat with other like minded witches. We look forward to meeting up with old and new friends and you will be made very welcome.

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Summer 2012

As we are approaching what is, for Blackthorn, our favourite time of year, the time when we reflect on what we have harvested and look forward to sinking into contemplation and darkness, we look back on another eventful summer for the coven

This was not the best summer to get out and about in the woods and hills… we’ve been beaten up by the wind, soaked by the rain and Beltane was so cold that we were wrapped in blankets.

We spent our customary Midsummer night vigil in the woods in the wind and drizzle watching and waiting for the sunrise that didn’t really appear only as a vague lightening of the heavy, grey sky.

We worked with whatever was thrown at us and allowed ourselves to listen to the messages from the elements and be guided by them, especially the winds.

The east wind brought new ideas, new directions, changes and inspiration and was often strong and insistent.

The ancestors and guiding spirits whispered to us on the winds from the west.

Once we even felt a warm wind from the south bringing us thoughts of the sun God, the heat and a vague promise of summer: the wind from the North didn’t visit us at all, perhaps saving itself for the winter. Though we’re sure we saw some gnomes around…

On rare calm cool clear nights the watchers have prowled around the circle with eyes on what we were up to while the trees wrapped themselves around us and we felt warm, safe and protected.

We learnt that it’s much easier to light a fire and keep it going in the rain than in the wind and that it doesn’t really rain all the time! So many times we have started in the rain and as soon as the circle was raised the clouds cleared the stars, and even sometimes the moon herself, became visible through the trees.

We’re looking forward to our autumn ritual this weekend and it looks as though for the first time this year the weather is actually in line with what we are up to, though we are not expecting it to be as cold as midsummer! Enjoy x

Beltane 2012

Beltane 2012

We abandoned our tradition this year and held our Beltane celebration on May 5th to connect with the ‘super moon’ that was predicted for that night.

It was a cold night, around freezing, colder even than Yule, which felt strange for Beltane, but clear and calm in the woods.

As usual we dressed for the occasion with flowery headdresses and cloaks, with offerings of flowers and food on the altar.

As we raised the circle the huge vanilla coloured moon rose over the hills casting a golden light onto the trees and changing the colours of the flowers on our altar. Long shadows appeared from the trees casting strange fingers of darkness around us.

We wove coloured ribbons around the stang, wove in some magic and jumped over the fire making wishes.

We missed the presence of a couple of the coven who were involved in family ties, especially Brock, who is our ‘keeper of the flame’! But we managed to build up a large fire without him to enjoy our feasting and drinking afterwards.

It was well after the witching hour when we closed the circle and, as often happens, as we closed the circle the moon went behind the clouds and the temperature dropped as we left the woods behind, after our third Blackthorn Beltane celebration.

Spring Equinox 2012

It was a warm sunny day which turned into a cool evening and an even colder night as we made our way into the woods for our Ostara ritual. We have a tradition of using certain places at different times of the year so this was our third Ostar here and it now feels the right plcae to be to celebrate the balance of day and light and to welcome the light of spring.


The fire was lit, offerings were made, our deities were invited to join us and our own Blackthorn ritual was played out against the backdrop of ancient trees and a clear starry sky.

Full Moon February 2012

The February full moon fell on the coldest night of the year. The atmosphere in the woods was magical, the trees glowed silver and stars glittered in the clear, dark sky. The moon heavy, red and plump lighting our path to the circle deep in the depths of the trees. The fire took its time to warm us as we created our sacred space and enjoyed the energies of the moon Goddess and the playful woodland spirits.

After midnight the temperature dropped to minus six and by this time we were huddled round the fire drinking ‘Hecate’s brew’ made by Brocky and adding more and more wood to the flames.

As I was driving home I looked at the closed curtains of the houses on the way and felt sorry for those who hadn’t experienced a full moon night in the woods in winter…