5th Anniversary

Blackthorn is five years old today!

yule 2014 2

Thank you to every single person who has been involved with us over the years, you’ve all helped us to be where we are now.

yule 2014

We’re stirring up the magic and firing up the cauldron to manifest more exciting times for 2015…watch this space.

Rain, rain and more rain


It’s not been a very good winter for an outdoor magical group!

The ground is muddy and soggy and every time we go out it’s raining.

Now we don’t mind getting a bit wet and we love the crisp cold winter nights but wading through mud and lighting fires in puddles is where we have to draw the line.

So our last two rituals have been inside, listening to the rain and wind crash against the windows.

It’s very different being inside. Not better, not worse just different.

Instead of being surrounded by the elements and open spaces there is a feeling of being surrounded by the ‘unseen’.

Meditations flow more easily as there are less distractions. But it’s not as edgy.

So as Imbolc draws near we are hoping for a cold dry night so we can venture out again and reconnect with the woods and the land.

First we have a night in the pub meeting some interesting people on Wednesday…