Midsummer 2020

A few of the coven met up for the first time since Ostara for our annual Midsummer Night’s vigil.

Getting back in our woodland circle was something we’d been look forward to for weeks so we built the fire even bigger than usual in order to stick to the social distancing rules and sit well apart.

The night was still, warm and inviting as we watched the light melt away from the wood leaving the trees in the special midsummer half light darkness.

Sitting cocooned in our sacred space we settled down to watch and wait for the sunrise. The dawn chorus began around half an hour before sunrise time, as the sky very slowly began to grow lighter.

We have watched countless sunrises and usually the clouds obscure the sun, this morning was the clearest we had ever experienced. The first rays of the rising sun hit the exact centre of our circle, we set the circle space up a couple of years ago and didn’t know we’d chosen the exact spot where this would happen.


The sun lit up the tree trunks, the bracken, the grass and touched everything with golden light.

A truly memorable special time.

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