A Year in the Life…

The past year has seen us out in the woods celebrating and stirring up magic. Beltane was the first seasonal celebration with no rain since Autumn last year. 

We’ve gathered a few more witches on the way, lost a few who realised they didn’t have witchblood flowing through their veins no matter how hard they tried, toasted the Gods round the fire more times than I can remember, had a tree blow over just missing us in the October gale, got drenched with rain and battered with wind at Samhain and had a squirrel in a nest landing in the circle – it survived!

Midsummer 2022

Samhain 2023


One thought on “A Year in the Life…

  1. Hi guys it’s nice to see you!! I was thinking of you all this week. I found a copy of the amber fox when I was sorting my books out..
    I Still miss coming and taking part.
    Love Sue x

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