Only a few days to go…

The Blackthorn Coven has now been established since December 2009 and it is growing from strength to strength in the Manchester area – whilst we have spent a few months consolidating our core group of members and establishing our foundations we are now ready to open our doors to new members and open up our Training Coven.

On Tuesday 10th August 2010 we will be holding our first open Coven Meetup – which is a social event aimed at all pagans interested in Traditional Witchcraft and  those interested in meeting like minded souls. We will be meeting at Fairfield Arms, Manchester Road, Audenshaw, Manchester. We start at 7.30pm.

All are welcome to attend including those completely new to the paganism and the craft.

For those that have not joined our meet up group yet you can do so on

2 thoughts on “Only a few days to go…

  1. That link doesn’t work 😦
    Only these ones come up on the serch for witches in the area:

    The West Yorkshire Pagan Meetup Group
    We’re 366 Pagans

    Green Happy Hedgewitches
    We’re 10 Happy Green Hedgewitches

    )O( The Manchester Wicca Meetup Group
    We’re 191 Wiccans

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