Harvesting First Fruits – Kitchen Witchery

Witchcraft is not just about spells and ritual and its great to return to the land and our source and there is no better time than at harvest. As pagans it is far too easy to be carried away with the mystical aspects of our path and thus lose our physical connection to the land and its offerings.  In a quest to be greater connected physically we decided we would go out in the sun this afternoon to harvest Blackberries for jams and wines. After suffering stinging nettles, blackberry bush thorns, and some mushy blackberries stains, we left with around 2lb of fruit in  carrier bags .

We will also turn our attention to the Blackthorn Sloes which appear to be coming ripe around Tameside. Apparently they are early this year and whilst it might be best to wait until first frost they will be added to Gin with a raft of sugar and should be ready just in time for Yule.

All things being equal the Blackthorn Coven at best will have plenty to drink at our rituals!!

2 thoughts on “Harvesting First Fruits – Kitchen Witchery

  1. Just to update you – the Blackberry Jam tastes amazing and has set so well despite not adding any pectin. I threw a few apples in for good measure as this contains a natural source of pectin and setting agents. Well pleased with myself.

  2. lots of goodies to be picked and foraged near last ritual site cob nuts ,wood sorrel an normal sorrel from the river you have krayfish the american ones wich are great eating an legal to catch, d

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