Only a few days to go

The Blackthorn Coven has now been established since December 2009 and it is growing from strength to strength in the Manchester area – whilst we have spent a few months consolidating our core group of members and establishing our foundations we are now ready to open our doors to new members and open up our Training Coven.

On Tuesday 11th January 2011 we will be starting our first training  group. Anyone who is interested in joining us can go to the Training page for more information and to see how to apply.

For those that have not joined our meet up group yet you can do so on

6 thoughts on “Only a few days to go

    • Thanks for your message and your interest in our group. I’ve sent you some info that we send out to anyone interested which gives you some details. It’s not too late yet but getting there!

      We have gradually gathered the group together over the last year and been careful to meet people first and to invite them to rituals to gently introduce them to what we do. However, we may be open to adding someone else to the group but we would not do so without meeting them first,so when you’ve got more of an idea of what we do and if you’d like to meet then get back to me and we can arrange something.

  1. I noticed you have to be 21 to join, it’s a shame because my boyfriend and I would really love to get involved but we’re only 20. Do you do any younger groups or do we need to wait a year.

  2. Hi, My partner and I are very interested in attending one of your meetings,with a view to joining one of your training courses. I am 51,and my partner Allison is 47.
    We would be grateful if you could forward any information you think would be of intrest to us, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Gordon & Allison

    • Hi Gordon,

      I’ve tried to send you an e mail but it’s come back as undelivered.

      Thanks for contacting Blackthorn and for reading our blog. We are currently in the middle of a training course and that will be finished in December. We can’t really take anyone on in the middle of a course so January will be when the next one will start.

      We will be starting to meet up with potential members of the 2012 course in Spetember as we feel we need to get to know people first before we start to invite them to rituals etc.

      If you are experienced practitioners of the craft we are always happy to meet you before that and we have meetings in a pub most Tuesdays. You don’t tell me where you are from so I don’t know if we are near you.

      If you send me your e mail address I’ll send you the details that I send out to anyone interested in the course and in joining us. If you would like to take things further then please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you,

      Thanks again for your interest in our group,


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